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At CHURCH’s, we take shoemaking very seriously.

We believe that shoes should be made to last but, like us, shoes need a little TLC.

We want to help you keep your shoes looking their best for as long as possible - some of our customers are still looking fly in pairs they purchased thirty years ago -so, along with our Shoe Care Guide, we’ve put together all the information you need to know such as when, where and how your CHURCH’S can be repaired within our specialist repairs department in Northampton.





By now you’ve probably realised that we’re big fans of the Goodyear Welt.



The majority of our shoes are constructed using this method because Goodyear shoes are made to last, and that’s how they should be. It just so happens that they are also constructed to be deconstructed, which means we can fully refurbish most Goodyear shoes.


Goodyear construction not only helps improve water resistance, increasing the longevity of your shoes and enabling them to be resoled over and over again, it also allows us to keep your insole intact during the repair process. The insole will have moulded to the shape of your foot, wear upon wear, creating a comfortable, personalised fit which you probably don’t want to sacrifice.  Of course, if the sole needs replacing we can do that too.


A CHURCH’S repair is no standard repair.


Unlike most repairers, we don’t just resole and re-heel your shoes. In most cases each shoe will be stripped back to the upper and insole, meaning that out of the 250 process required to create a CHURCH’S Goodyear shoe, 60 of these will be completed during a repair.


Due to the level of workmanship involved, the process can take up to 8 weeks. This may sound like a long time but a CHURCH’S repair is ultimately a bespoke process: the exact repair requirements will depend on the condition of each part of the shoe, which will vary from one pair to the next. Many of the processes involved in creating our shoes would, in production, be completed on a machine but during a repair must be handworked. A typical repair will cover any or all of the following:


  • Initial assessment
  • Stripping of the shoe to the upper and insole
  • Reshaping of the upper on the appropriate last
  • Re-welting and resoling
  • Heel replacement
  • Adding a new heel and sock pad
  • Adding a new insole if necessary
  • Clean and polish
  • Relacing with replacement laces
  • Repackaging with new box and shoe bags



We recommend all of our shoes be sent back our stores for a comprehensive evaluation before passing to our authorised repairers.


What can be repaired?

We can offer full service repairs for all Goodyear welted styles, dependent on the condition of the shoes received.


How long will it take?

On average 2-4 weeks depending on demand.


How much will it cost?

Goodyear Welts: ¥ 35000

Crown Collection: ¥ 69000



Please contact us at


or call the toll-free number 0120-80-1873


If you prefer you can fill the contact form here


As a general rule, we can repair shoes twice. This completely depends on the condition of your shoes and if they have been repaired elsewhere.


Please note: some of our more streamlined styles and our women’s shoes may be constructed using a Blake stitch or other method, which means only the soles and heels can be replaced. As we cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, we unfortunately don’t offer a repair service for styles not crafted using the Goodyear process.

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