Church's X Miu Miu SS24

The perfect blend of modernity and refinement, Church's historical Shanghai style stars in the brand's second collaboration with Miu Miu, reinterpreting the context of heritage through a youthful and laid-back lens. Aged leather and traditional detailing juxtapose with a softer, rounded silhouette and new colour palette, blurring the lines between the formal and the informal, the natural and the mannered.

Church's X Miu Miu AW23

For Autumn Winter 2023, Miu Miu’s free spirit and Church’s artisanal formality collide in an exclusive collaboration, offering a new take on the English brand’s most distinctive designs. Playfulness and elegance, masculine and feminine, traditional and contemporary, come together in an intriguing game of antithesis, resulting in a multifaceted collection.