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Chunky, lightweight rubber soles meet sleek silhouettes for instant urban appeal.

Available in a selection of styles, leathers and finishes, the Urban Crossover collection boasts a rugged, robust appeal that stays refined enough for the city. Choose from slick, plain gloss finishes on Church's classic's or go bold with statement studs and trend-driven whites in the form of lace-up, Chelsea and Mountain boots.

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Nirah t

Rois Calf Leather Chelsea Boot Black

£ 890

Monmouth 40

Polished Fumè Chelsea Boot Asphalt

£ 870

Monmouth 40

Polished Fumè Chelsea Boot Burgundy

£ 870

Burwood wg

Polished Fumè Oxford Floral Grey

£ 850

Alexandra t

Rois Calf Lace-Up Boot White

£ 990


Polished Binder Chelsea Boot Brogue Black

£ 920

Monmouth 40

Polished Fumè Chelsea Boot Black/military green

£ 870

Evelyin 55

Suede Knee High Heeled Boot Black

£ 1,050


Polished Binder Lace Up Boot Black

£ 1,050


Rois Calf Lace-Up & Monk Boot Black

£ 1,050


Polished Binder Lace Up Boot Brogue Burgundy

£ 1,020


Rois Calf Leather Lace-up Boot Stud Black

£ 1,100

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