The Crown Collection

Masterpiece footwear that draws on centuries of shoemaking.

The Crown collection is an impressive display of traditional craftsmanship, with each pair taking fifty-eight days to complete. Church’s heritage, extraordinary skill and countless processes are combined to create these formal Oxford lace-ups and buckled monk straps.

Every stage of construction requires meticulous care. The calfskin is closely examined so that only flawless pieces are selected. The shoes are cut, shaped and stitched by hand. Rich colours are achieved by applying the dyes in layers to build a vibrant hue and a unique patina. As always, the shoes are set on sturdy rubber soles crafted for longevity and ease of wear, with a full leather lining enhancing their durability. A closer look inside reveals handwritten calligraphy of the name and model of the item – a fine finish for this distinctive collection.