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The holiday season is the perfect time for rugged lace-ups and edgy commando boots. English tartans and textured leather accessories channel a countryside mood to complete this collection of gifts inspired by the outdoors.
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Plain bi-color scarf

Cashmere Light blue/grey

380 EUR

Telescopic umbrella

Women's Whangee Handle Black

120 EUR

Card holder

St James Leather 6 Card Holder Emerald

170 EUR


Polished Binder Oxford Brogue Black

590 EUR

Tab keyring

St James Leather Keyring Chalk white

150 EUR


Calf Leather Chelsea Boot Brogue Black

650 EUR

Telescopic umbrella

Tartan Whangee Handle White

130 EUR

Ketsby wg

Polished Binder Brogue Chelsea Boot Sandalwood

650 EUR

Continental wallet

St James Leather Continental Wallet Chalk white

520 EUR

Monmouth wg

Suede Chelsea Boot Brown

650 EUR

Aura 2 lw

Polished Binder Chelsea Boot Brogue Black / brown

590 EUR

Aura 2 lw

Polished Binder Chelsea Boot Brogue Black/blue

590 EUR

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