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Church’s classics toughened-up with polished metal studs: a beautiful mix of edgy, anti-establishment styling and tried-and-true tradition.
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Ketsby met

Polished Binder Chelsea Boot Stud Black

970 EUR

Shannon met

Polished Binder Derby Black

850 EUR


Rois Calf Lace-Up & Monk Boot Black

1,050 EUR

Anjelica met.

Polished Fumè Chelsea Boot Stud Black

890 EUR

Aura met. 2

Polished Fumè Chelsea Boot Stud Black

950 EUR

Burwood met.

Polished Binder Oxford Brogue Stud Black

950 EUR

Tamaryn 2 met

Polished Binder Brogue Loafer Stud Black

890 EUR

Lana met.

Polished Binder Monk Brogue Stud Black

1,020 EUR

Anna met. 2

Polished Binder Oxford Stud White

850 EUR

Dee dee met

Prestige Calf Slip on Sandal Black

620 EUR

Dee dee met

Prestige Calf Slip on Sandal White

620 EUR

Kelsey met

Calf Leather Sandal Stud Black

790 EUR

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