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Black leather lace up oxford shoes against grey background


To an English gentleman a Dress Shoe is not just a smart shoe, but the epitome of a ‘formal shoe’. By definition, it should be a highly polished - or patent – black cap-toe Oxford, or an elegant black velvet evening slipper, and those with higher insteps can opt for a plain Derby in the same vein. We know dress codes and preferences vary across the globe so we’ve also included a few variations on the norm for those who like to test the rules.
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Patent Leather Oxford Black

495 EUR


Polished Binder Oxford Black

550 EUR

Lancaster 173

Polished Binder Oxford Black

690 EUR


Calf Leather Oxford Black

550 EUR


Polished Binder Derby Black

550 EUR


Polished Binder Monk Strap Black

570 EUR

Sovereign 2

Velvet Crown Loafer Black

390 EUR


Velvet Loafer Black

470 EUR

Kingsley 2

Polished Binder Loafer Black

620 EUR


Polished Binder Loafer Black

620 EUR


Calf Leather Derby Black

690 EUR

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