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Watch the Spring Summer 2020 film


On the beaches of St Ives.

An imperceptible meeting of sea and sky with long stretches of white, sandy coastline provide the backdrop to Church’s new advertising campaign. The English seaside town of St. Ives is the perfect setting to showcase the Spring/Summer 2020 collection.


Stylistic photography conveys the spirit of the surrounding seashore, offering a glimpse into this idyllic part of Cornwall. The images depict the joyful and carefree summer of three young friends, with St.Ives and the surrounding area providing the backdrop to this playful narrative.


Brett Lloyd’s images comprise soft and natural tones in contrast with the energy of our protagonists: sand is smoothed by an alluring blue sea while our models dance and gambol along beaches and boardwalks. The images carry the eye beyond the shoreline, evoking the sounds of the ocean with seagulls soaring overhead. Time seems to stand still in this modern day oasis, reminiscent of Church’s enduring footwear. 

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