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A new generation of British cool.


Shot in the British capital by Photographer Lachlan Bailey for the Autumn / Winter 2017 campaign, a series of of black and white stills capture an essence of modern elegance - a concept at the heart of CHURCH’S philosophy for over 140 years.


Supporting the campaign is a short film directed by Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico, with Lachlan Bailey as Director of Photography. The film revisits and expands upon the story and the moments captured in the images taken for the campaign.


A young couple explore the streets of London, wandering past the picture-perfect white colonnade buildings and mews houses. They chatter, upon the bonnet of the iconic black cab, on public benches and upon the steps of elegant homes, watching the city go by.


Paired down yet sophisticated, traditional yet constantly evolving, CHURCH’S timeless style is reinterpreted by this new generation who offer a contemporary edge to our time-honoured aesthetic.  

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