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Add a final touch of finesse to your look with our range of accessories. From bags and wallets to cufflinks and belts, shop our collection of stylish essentials.
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St James Leather Tote Bag Chalk white

1,900 EUR


St James Leather Document Holder Chalk white

1,650 EUR

Continental wallet

St James Leather Continental Wallet Chalk white

620 EUR

Billfold coin wallet

St James Leather 4 Card & Coin Wallet Chalk white

380 EUR

Key holder

St James Leather Key Holder Chalk white

270 EUR

Folded cardholder

St James Leather Card Holder Chalk white

320 EUR


St James Leather Tech Laptop Bag Black

1,600 EUR


St James Leather Tech Backpack Black

1,650 EUR


St James Leather Tech Washbag Small Black

390 EUR


St James Leather Tech Weekend Bag Black

1,700 EUR


St James Leather Tech Washbag Large Black

450 EUR


St James Leather Laptop Bag Chalk white

1,900 EUR

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