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These special occasion shoes and accessories combine artisanal finishes with a festive mood. Choose from metallic heels, studded flats and ornate jacquard loafers - they all present very different ways to party. 
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Burwood met.

Polished Binder Oxford Brogue Stud Black

¥ 105,600

Anna met.

Polished Fumè Oxford Stud Black

¥ 96,800

Abbie 45

Patent Heeled Loafer Black

¥ 72,600

Shannon met

Polished Binder Derby Black

¥ 91,300

Phone card holder

St James Leather Phone Holder with Wrist Strap Black

¥ 82,500

Lana met.

Polished Binder Monk Brogue Stud Black

¥ 110,000

Phone wallet

St James Leather Phone Wallet Black

¥ 47,300

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